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Massage Services

We have on staff a Board Certified Massage Therapist

** We can accept your Health Savings Card for massages


Relaxing Massage

A soothing technique that incorporates gliding, kneading and compression stokes to relax tense muscles. It improves ciculation and lymph flow.
$100.00 - 1  1/2 hr. • $70.00 - 1 hr. • $50.00 - 1/2 hr.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Various techniques used to release the deeper muscles and connective tissue that can cause chronic pain and decrease in range of motion. It also helps increase circulation and mobility.
$130.00 - 1  1/2 hr. • $80.00 - 1 hr. • $60.00 - 1/2 hr.

Couples Relaxing Massage

You can receive your massages together, side-by-side!
$135.00 - 1 hr. for two with two therapists

Couples Deep Tissue Massage

$150.00 - 1 hr. for two with two therapists

Hot Stone Massage

It is great for increasing circulation, relieving stress, decreasing pain and increasing energy throughout the entire body. Helps rheumatoid arthritis.
$95.00 - 1 hr.

Prenatal Massage

Done after the first trimester. Beneficial to both mother and unborn child. Aids in relaxation, soothes nerves and helps ciculation.
$70.00 - 1 hr. • $50.00 - 1/2 hr.

Steam Room or Shower

A great way to start or end a massage. Warms up the muscles to release any knots or toxins stored. It detoxifies, cleanses and relaxes.

Seated Chair Massage - $1.00 a minute, 5 minute minimum

Onsite Seated Chair Massage

Corporate Chair Massage

At your company. We supply the chair.
$75.00/hour, 2 hr. minimum

Lymph Drainage Massage

A light rhythmical massage done in a specific pattern that helps the body drain excess fluids and toxins that are overtaxing the system.
$70.00 - 1 hr.


A massage for specific points on hands and feet to stimulate organs and body parts that normally cannot be touched. Very beneficial for helping areas without medication.
$40.00 - 1/2 hr.

FLOW Massage

Face Lift-Out Wrinkles Massage is a facial massage technique used to help promote younger, smoother and healthier looking skin.
$50.00 - 1 hr.

*Prices subject to change without prior notice. Prices valid as of 7/11/2017.
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