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Getting the right haircut for the right face shape! Find out what's best on you!

Hi family! I'm baaaaack, happy and ready to go! I am a girl, I mean the girl who loves working at a salon. It's so funny because If you saw me 5 years ago I was a no fears, no hair envy, let me do whatever is trending now girl. I mean I would get in that chair and let whoever was doing my hair pretttty much do whatever they want. Yes- I had hair feathers, and yes I have shaven the underside of my hair completely off. I even let her do designs in it.... (never again). Now as I am getting older my own hair journey is something completely different. Its a lot more relaxed and my hair thanks me for it, but every once in awhile I do see someone with this amazing hair cut, and the envy creeps! For a long time I'd talk to people and they would ask me or tell me "man I wish I could pull off so and so's look, but my face is too round or whatever." Its funny, because I used to not believe that. (I still think however, regardless of face shape, if you rock a style, you just do.) But it really does play a factor in how your cut pulls together. Just based on the shape of your face. Let me tell you a little about that. Okay, okay.

First off, figuring out your face shape. Really it isn’t all that complicated once you understand that there are only six shapes to choose from. Thankfully your stylist has the eye for it, and can save you from maybe choosing the wrong cut. It's their job girl! Many clients make the mistake of thinking that their faces are “round,” but you are probably missing some subtler angles completely. Your facial shape consideration is just as important as deciding on a length, color or style.

1. Oval shape! The oval shape is the most ideal shape. Thanks to your well-balanced features, oval faces can suit a wide variety of hairstyles, and look great with short hair. If you’re looking for a style with impact, you should consider opting for either long locks or a cute, short crop. For oval-faced ladies who like short hair, a blunt bob with subtle layers will look awesome! If you prefer long hair, on the other hand, opt for minimal layers or style your hair with waves or curls to keep it from dragging down your face. You can also use your natural hair part to help guide you in your hairstyle choice.

2 Long! The easiest way to describe a long face shape is that it's an oval face shape...just longer with the length of the face noticeably longer than the width of the face. The "wider not longer" rule is in play if you have this face shape, try to avoid hair that is too far past mid-length, as this lengthens the face. Also, avoid one-length hair or super sleek looks which can also make your face look longer.

3. Round! Round shaped faces are the same in width and length, with no prominent angles or corners. Round faces are usually thought of as "baby-faces," which means you look younger and can opt for more youthful hairstyles. When styling a round face, your main goal is to elongate the face and make it appear more oval. Short hair is really flattering on round faces! Make the cut, go for that bob! Use a deep side part to create more angles to the face.

4. Square! The square shaped face is wide at the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. All these features can be almost the same width. The strong jawline is a prominent feature of square-shaped faces. It's up to you, you can choose to accentuate the squareness of your face or soften your strong jawline. If you'd like to enhance your face shape, go for some blunt bangs or a short bob to really show off that strong jawline. If you'd like to de-enhance the squareness, try some soft wispy bangs falling to the side to create diagonal lines and soften the lines on your face, or wear your hair straight and long with layers that start a few inches from the end to draw the eyes down and add length to your face. If you're brave enough to try bangs, go for shorter, subtler bangs that hit the cheekbone to highlight them.

5. Heart! A heart-shaped face is wider at the hairline and temples and tapers to a small, narrow chin, that is slightly pointed. Your forehead may be a prominent feature, and if you have a heart-shaped face, you likely also have great cheekbones! With heart-shaped face shapes, shoulder length hair tends to look best, as this adds volume around the bottom of your face, creating the illusion of a wider jawline. 

6. Diamond! With they diamond shape, You most likely have your forehead and jawline the same width and the widest part of your face is at your cheekbones with a narrow chin. Diamond face shapes can pull off pretty much any hairstyle, however, there are a few styles to avoid. Heavy, rounded bangs, can shorten the face, making it look smaller than it is. On that note, try to avoid straight-across bangs as well, as these accentuate the widest part of your face, making your chin appear even narrower. Opt for long, side-swept bangs to highlight your cheekbones with long layers, or go short with a textured lob.

There are plenty of factors that go into your haircut decision: what’s trending on social media and celebrity's, or a much-needed refresher for damaged lifeless locks. It's an important thing you should take into consideration before getting your hair done. Will this cut look good with your face shape? If you think so, you’re all the more likely to hear people tell you how much ‘your hair really suits you like that’ – and who doesn’t love that? But hair styles are not all one size fits all, after all the best cuts are the ones personalized just for you. You and your stylist are a team, if you work together to achieve your perfect look, you can rock anything!

Man I think I need a haircut. haha.


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