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Helloooooo Nails! Why shellac just might be the right way to go.

Hi family, Hi friends! Lets talk about nails. Whooohoo. I am the girl over here who is in LOVEEEE with her nails. I have been so in love that, yes I have had my polish taken away. (thanks mom.) To making my personal instagram page a showcase to clients that I have personally done and loved on their finger tips. Lets be real though I love posting about my baby too, but the nail pages get me! Every week I get so excited, but no joke this week, I am dyiinnngggg, I just love nails so much.

OK, so by now you might get it, this girl loves nails. But every time I get to show my lovely ladies the polish choices they are like ugh, I booked a regular manicure... what is this shellac? Why shellac? Why is it so popular? Here girl, let me show you! Offering brilliant color, a high-gloss shine, and two weeks or more of great looking nails, it's hard to resist the allure of a shellac manicure. It promises zero-drying time and is designed to outlast and outshine gel manicures, but is it right for you and are they worth the price? Let's look at the pros and cons of this very popular manicure option before you get this popular manicure done!

Shellac took many salons by storm, with promises of no dry time, and strengthening properties that have many people wondering, is this the way to go? Is it even true? I still laugh and get a bit nervous when I go to wipe that last coat off. Shellac is amazing however because both the regular and shellac manicures start out like a normal manicure: nails are shaped, and cuticles are pushed back. The next step is to apply a base coat, followed by two coats of shellac, and then a top coat to finish. Where the process differs from a regular manicure, however, is that in between each coat of polish, you dry your hands under a UV light for about 30 seconds to a minute. Here's the real kicker: After the last blast of UV light, the nails are dry, meaning yes you can reach into your purse if you want to! To remove... easy. If done correctly, shellac is just a polish. It’s easier to remove than gels and kinder to your nails as less buffing is used on your nail plate to ‘break’ the bond. All you do is file the (shiny) top layer off and then soak your nails in acetone for 10 minutes then it peels off like nothing!

Here is what I love most though, although those who know me know for sure, I am a press on nail girl through and through. That is a whole other post, but let me tell you, shellac is great new path for clients who love nails that last. Non chipping nails are in, and with proper care for the nail underneath, and proper removal. Long or short nails, shellac is the new way to go. This is for a client, someone who just wants a manicure that isn't going to chip with the first dish they wash or weed they pull. Chores aren't going away, sadly. We all love pretty nails, we all hate dry time, so if that is something in question, just try it, shellac is awesome.


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