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Important facts 101: What you should be doing after your amazing massage. -2019

Hey family! Another Wednesday, another successful and busy week. With warmth comes work, and in my experience nothing goes better with the straining of pulling weeds and doing that mandatory yard work better than a massage. Any occasion really and there really are so so so many reasons for a massage but spring comes and it suddenly feels like Saturdays are huge for massaging. As many of you know, for many years now, massage was my number one and for many years after every single massage it was (and is) the same speech. "How are you feeling?""Good I am so glad.""Alright my my dear, sit up slow, drink your water." Blah Blah Blah. Those who indulge have probably heard it, have probably taken the offered water, but once you leave what then? I am sure the other girls I work with and I have often thought about it too. Maybe even we are guilty ourselves of NOT doing the right thing after a massage. So here I am ready to be your wealth of information of what to do after you have that AMAZING massage.

Okay so number one drink. Drink. Your. Water. We're smart, We're about 60% of water in itself, so maintain those body fluids. Everyone knows that, but what you might not know is that your massage therapist, well their goal is to basically move around any toxins in those muscles and afterwards its YOUR job to flush them out. Also anyone who has ever tried a deep tissue massage knows that you may be sore, it can happen, and drinking your water might even prevent it. To any massage therapist who hears a client tell you, "I was so sore" A little bing goes off in my head, and I automatically think, did you drink your water! But never I repeat NEVER drink alcohol afterwards, my experience (young Allyssa was not a smart girl) it is a terrible idea. I will spare you the details.

So number two, its all about what to put inside your body. Like avoiding alcohol, Try to keep eating sorta clean. Eating heavily before or after your massage might be really uncomfortable. But you might be really hungry afterwards so bring a snack! Time and time again we bid you goodbye, and say have a great day, or ask whats next. You can absolutely eat a greasy pizza if you want, but to keep that re-energized feeling and avoid feeling sluggish you might want to pass! (Only this time though, I'll always choose pizza!)

Number three, this one might seem silly I know, but when you leave it is recommended that you NOT bump in your car! Turn down the tunes, or listen to something softer. This one makes me laugh, because there is nothing more that I love, especially in summer, is to sing in the car. The reason this isn't recommended is wildly enough, doing so can raise your blood pressure. Something us massage therapists had been working on for your whole visit to lower. Avoiding stress all together is actually recommended (although I know... life). Keep that massage feeling going, go home, get your comfy clothes on, or do one better treat yourself to a bubble bath! Rest and relaxation is the key!

Number four, notice your bodies! That soreness, you know the one I was talking about earlier -its normal. Not just for deep tissue but also it can happen for a relaxing massage as well. It's good to remember that massage is a passive form of exercise (which is awesome, we know.) When muscles get overly tight, they can constrict the blood vessels in the area. Stopping your body from effectively flushing out the waste in that area and you can get a build-up, which causes soreness. When releasing this tension, the blood can start flushing out those toxins, but it can leave you feeling a bit tender, like you just worked out at the gym. But you should never be too sore, and it shouldn't last more than a day or two. Remember that massage therapists aren’t mind readers — but with communication, your therapist should be able to tailor the massage to your needs.

Now number five, notice your emotions! Massage is NOT just for your body Perhaps the most important thing to do after a massage is to simply be aware of the effect on your mind. Massage does a beautiful thing for your mind, and if you have been to that place, its that feeling you have before you fall asleep. Like the best meditation you have ever had. It’s not uncommon to experience an emotional release along with the deep physical relaxation. Don’t hold in any emotional response, just let it wash over you and appreciate the release. You will feel so much better afterwards.

So it's pretty clear here right, massage is rejuvenating and good for everyone. But it doesn't and shouldn't end on the table. YOU can make that post massage wonderful feeling last for hours or even days if you treat your body right. So if you are ever wondering what to do next, this is to help you out, although you can always ask your therapist when you see them as well we are more than happy to answer any questions. I am so thrilled, other than the fact that today was an amazing day, I am so happy I was able to write something that is so important to so many of you out there. So all in all go get a massage, but be sure to take care of your body, it's the only one you have.


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