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Meet our Staff- A new look into The Day Escape family! Hello Kristen Ott!

Hi Family! Phew what a week. Crazy stuff, sickness and rain. gross. One day soon I hope to open all my windows and feel the breeze, mayyyybe even go outside, get some sun! Starting off still snuggled with a blanket every week, seeing all the love this blog is bringing on my personal and Day Escape's Facebook is truly making me for one emotional (thanks guys) and its whoa making me some sort of inspired. Who knew I loved creative writing so much. I Have some ideas about bringing in some hidden specials in the blogs, who knows yet. Hey! Let me know!

This post had me kind of in a complex, I didn't know how I wanted to"introduce" the staff member of the week, and I definitely didn't want it to sound generic, because Kristen is absolutely not a generic person. I wanted to be able to show each of our family members for their uniqueness and not tell a tale of how great they are. (They are great, trust me). So I invited her over! We got to know each other better, and had a great time. As we sat there talking and laughing, it just clicked, we just clicked, and it hit me. I will just put off the vibes she seems to put off so well. I'll just go with the flow.

So for those of you to have had the pleasure to have a massage done by her you know. She's good. Like really good. She just has this way of putting off her unique, positive energy into you, like she balls up her energy and just hands it right over, it's so special. She is earthy and happy and that really, really shows off in her massages. For 2 years now she has made Day Escape her home, and she is one of my favorites of our family. She is expanding too! She now is showing off even more skills and bringing body wraps to her table. (ummmm Yes!) It really is a special thing when you are okay with simplicity and just want to thank the people who have, and will help you get where you are going. That's why we love her so much. You want a hiking partner, you have one. You want a concert buddy, you have one. You want a friend, you have one. You want a massage, she is the girl to go see! So Hi guys! This is Kristen!


(989) 892-0200

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