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Meet our Staff- A new look into The Day Escape family! Hello Sheena Vonfintel!

Hi Family! Hello Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Yard sales, camping, and BBQ's make for a fun filled Memorial day weekend for sure. After my own family fun, Tuesday hits and my brain goes right to what I want to say next. Whose next, what can I research, how can I get my word out. Sometimes it doesn't really come that easy to me. Sometimes I am pondering for days, others it just comes out in this colorful splash of creativity.

Today I was not so sure, Sheena is one of my staff members that I felt like I knew the least, even though she is also someone I regularly work with. (It's pedicure season hello!) I get to often witness her humor, and her style, but I don't really get to chat with her that much. Other than the mid pedi banter. We didn't really make a plan to chat, just exchanged numbers and it just kinda happened. I had no clue exactly what I wanted to say, but I popped open my little notebook and just did my best. I just asked mostly what I, myself wanted to know without sounding too nosy.

For 3 years now Sheena has graced the salon with this kindness. That is like the perfect way to describe her, she has this kindness to her that makes you feel at home in her chair. Which is pretty perfect because come to find out, she is huge into volunteering and is devoted to her congregation. I fully respect anyone who wants to help, loves to work, wants to teach, and has a kind heart. But she also loves the simple life too! She said herself that she is most proud to be able to live a clean, happy, simple life. She loves her family, she loves being outside, and she loves being a stylist. She is a girl of many talents after all, and with the beautiful up-dos to the savvy specialty perms, to perfectly polished toes she is a joy to work with through and through. I am, for one, truly glad I got to know her a little bit better. In all honesty, in this industry the typical is not always what you expect, and we love that! So here's to her, and here's to you- Hey guys! This is Sheena!

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