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Spring skin is positively in! Our spring 2019 seasonal facial!

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Hey family! Boy oh boy let me be the first to tell you that now that its getting warmer, OK not THAT warm but for sure a change to the crazy winter we all endured. My poor skin has really taken its toll. The days seem to be flying and next thing you know there will be fresh breezes, buds and blooms, and pollen everywhere. So let me tell you how to save your skin this season!

This zippy fruit-filled facial will kick-start your complexion and hydrate your skin to its full springtime potential. Imagine this! It begins with a hydrating Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser and whipped Shea-sugar exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Next, a wholesome natural exfoliate smooths, buffs and refines skin. You will be glowing, and you'll thank me later! The exfoliate is made with skin-clearing strawberry fruit extract, organic lavender buds, softening rice powder, and clarifying white mud, and if that doesn't sound like a dream! Then, a rich, cooling avocado mask calms and infuses skin with moisture and essential fatty acids. Prepare for a mass of nutrients, as Wine Down Serum brings antioxidant bliss to skin. — hydrating, plumping and helping defend against free radical damage, followed by our peptide-packed moisturizers.

But why do you NEED this amazing facial? I bet you don't think you do? Well there are so many valid reasons you do, but the most important, I think, is on the day I got my first real facial, I felt like I could take on the world — like my glow was a beaming distraction to the people who walked by me on the street, and my skin's newfound hydration was no match for anything I had ever given my skin before! Every drunken night that ended in me falling asleep in a full face of makeup had been washed away, and I could start anew. My Face felt new, like new baby skin! Which I know all about, because I have one! This crazy Michigan weather has nothing on this girl!

Now, as my rave about our new seasonal facial comes to a close I really just want to say thanks guys, thanks for being so patient with my new found "hobby." I fully plan on making a weekly post about new and exciting things buzzing around the spa. I have had many clients over the years ask me really good questions, and one day I just thought "Hm... maybe some other people have these questions too!" So cheers to new beginnings and making new opportunities, but be sure to take care of yourself while you do it! Girl go get you a facial!


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