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Tales from the shabby sheep. A Farmhouse Fresh experience.

Hi guys! It's ya girl! Summer in Michigan is so funny, it truly can be freezing one day and scorching another. But the look on peachy girl's face when she splashes in that kiddie pool is worth it all, truly. More than I ever realized protecting her little skin is so so important, but with that I can't forget about mine either. We took a little family trip to our local beach and how stinking proud momma was I that she wasn't even a hint of red. With the SPF suit, the hat and the greasy sunscreen she was covered! Me... not so much. I am fair, like 90 percent of the time, so naturally I burn, and with being so worried about her you guessed it I forgot about myself. Now I am a huge skincare buff so I felt pretty stupid that I let it happen to me, even though my baby was all good. Also on top of feeling like my skin was burning off I had a early trip planned with the girls to go to a skincare class. Jeez I was going to look foolish.

What a day. Where to begin? How can I explain how great the afternoon was. Fully diving into a company to learn and touch and smell everything. Sign me up! On top of being super environmentally friendly, they love animals, and yes there was videos, and yes they are cruelty free. They pride off of being a cruelty saves brand, and we love that.The day was full of laughter, information, and products that we got to touch and smell. OH yea guys there were prizes, freebies and lunch too. This little Bay City girl was left feeling special and smelling awesome. With so many new things to try, I cannot wait to bring more skincare to you guys as well.

FarmHouse Fresh is a gorgeous skin care brand that was created right from their farm. By crafting skin care products that are fresh as if their ingredients were just plucked from the ground. It really makes a difference, FarmHouse Fresh is a natural based skincare brand grown from a farmhouse in the United States that uses 99.6% natural based ingredients in their healthy, fresh, skin care products. So aside from the fact that FarmHouse Fresh literally uses farm fresh ingredients, there are many things that make this brand so unique, and many clients and celebrities would agree! They seem to be making a name for themselves for not only a great product line, but saving furry friends who need help too. I for one am excited to try out, and be smooth all summer long. Of course also to rant and rave about a shabby sheep love for the farm and my skin. (although the donkey was the overall winner, congrats Allie!)

So here we are 2 days later still thinking about how excited I am to try this stuff out, once my burning summer skin begins to heal I'm going to get right on that. Hah! But sincerely from the bottom of my heart, from an animal lover myself, and now from a advanced trainee I can proudly brag about loving a line of product that also seems to truly love their costumers. I felt good when I left, and I am sure many of the other attendance did too. Thanks FarmHouse Fresh I can't wait to show you off!


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