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Time for a wax! Here is a guidepost for all you need to know!

Hi family! I'm bacccccck. Life last week was full of technical difficulties on my end. Of course. My computer needed some maintenance and I guess I did too. Taking a break every once and awhile is something I think we all need, and it's something that luckily I get to be in the business of. It's funny, because people ask me all the time "But Allyssa, whooooo massages youuuu?) I wish I could say I take the pleasure of getting a massage facial and a pedicure every week, but alas I am just like you, and most weeks I just don't have the time. But sometimes we do sneak back and do a quick wax to at least have our eyebrows look bomb, or feel confident in a bathing suit with a little removal of bikini hairs.

Waxing is one of those things that you either wait it out until you absolutely need it, or you are a smartie and are on top of that. But honestly I get so many questions and concerns that I could write about the topic for a hot minute. I have been waiting until the perfect time to bring this one up, to refer it to anyone curious, and it seems as my schedule is getting more wax related, now just might be the perfect time. Let me just tell you! for simple stuff like eyebrows the questions are wayyyyy more beauty related. We ALL want nice and in trend eyebrows, and it is totally part of my job to recognize that. I get it, but what about body waxing, the questions are a little different and the further south you go... well let me just explain.

First off, the number on question that EVERYONE always asks me is how long do I have to let the hair grow. This one is simple and I will just say it once, white grain rice is NOT long enough. We are talking, long grain wild rice girl. The shorter the hair is the more painful it can be. However too much hair requires trimming, the longer the hair is the chances of the hair tangling and not coming off as nice is a probability. But the wax has to be able to grab the hair for ideally one clean pull! The best bet is about half an inch. For most people, this means waiting two weeks after shaving before you wax. Again, you want to make sure that all of the hair is long enough, not just some of it.

Okay, so does waxing hurt? I can tell when a client walks in and has never been waxed before. I look at them and tell them from experience that I have been where you are and you can do it! In General though, Yes, it is painful. Although all of us have a different pain tolerance, so the level of discomfort will vary according to your threshold for pain. I have been with troopers who don't even flinch, and I have been with others who just like in the movies curse the entire time. (I for one absolutely curse! It's okay!) Most clients will experience a decrease in pain when they consistently wax over a period of time without shaving in between. But I still twinge every single time I wax my upper lip, it's 2 seconds and totally worth it, but it will always hurt.

So, is there anything you can do to help with the pain? Taking a mild pain killer 30 minutes prior to waxing will help a little with the pain. Avoid caffeine before waxing. If you are female, avoiding waxing the week before and on your period will reduce sensitivity as well. But yes! you can wax in cycle, its all about you being comfortable! Taking these steps will decrease the amount of pain you experience, but nothing makes waxing completely pain free. Sorry guys!

Will my skin be irritated from waxing? Yes. But everyone is different! Clients who have very fine hair will usually experience a slight redness and tingling sensation similar to a sunburn for a few hours after waxing. Those who have very coarse hair can also experience raised bumps around the hair follicle and redness for up to 48 hours. Sometimes waxing coarse hair in very sensitive areas can result in  small blood spots from the hair follicle. Usually, facial waxing results in minimal irritation while areas waxed on the body will have a longer recovery period. Sometimes clients who are prone to ingrown hairs can still get them no matter what method you use, and we all hate it I know. But in my experience with waxing clients seem to get them way less. Scrubs help and moisturizing is very important!

And how long will it last? Again this is a client by client situation, and you know your body best. But it's better to wait for all the hair to be one length. I like to advise about 4-5 weeks.

Is there anything I should do before my wax? Refrain from taking a shower or bath immediately before the treatment. Soaking the hair will soften it, allowing it to break more easily and making waxing less effective, but make sure that the area is clean. (I like to have a little wipe for right before!) There also are certain medications and products that should not be taken or used if you plan to have a waxing treatment soon. Topical exfoliants used on the area to be waxed such as Retin-A, Renova, and hydroquinone, oral acne medications such as Accutane, blood-thinning medications, and topical/oral cortisone make the skin more sensitive and increase the likelihood of irritation or other complications. (like tearing!) Please check with your doctor if you are unsure whether you should be waxed while on or using a medication.

I just was waxed, what now? Avoid touching the area that has just been waxed, since bacteria from your fingers can easily be transferred into your hair follicles, causing breakouts. For facial waxing, avoid makeup for several hours. For body waxing, wear loose fitting clothing. Avoid heavy workouts, sun exposure, very hot baths or fragrances for 48 hours. With brazilian waxing, you will want to avoid sexual intercourse for 48 hours as well. Keep the skin clean with a mild soap and water, and apply neosporin if your skin feels irritated. You will want to avoid tanning for 48 hours prior to and after waxing. Waxing recently tanned skin can result in peeling and irritation. If you use a sunless tanner or get spray tanned be advised that waxing will remove the tan in those areas because it also removes a thin layer of dead skin cells.

Body waxing is a fast-growing segment of the booming salon industry and it continues to gain in popularity—for women and men, young and old. Waxing is a preferred method due to its longer-lasting affect, it removes hair at the root rather than just severing off hairs like when you shave.  However, for waxing newbies, trusting your sensitive skin in intimate areas to a beautician barring hot wax on a paper strip might be a bit overwhelming. I get it girl, but let me calm your fears, because it really is worth it. But do your homework! There is a lot to review before you just jump into a full brazilian wax! I really hope this helps, but just remember who ever came up with the phrase, "with beauty comes pain" ... yeah they were probably getting a wax.


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