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Welcoming in our next season! Sea Salt & Sunflower Renewal.

Hi pretty people! I have not forgotten about you! I know, I know summer takes so long to get here and then rushes in like a sweet sandy sunshine storm that fills us up and makes it really hard to sit inside. It's been a couple of weeks since we have had a rainy day, and I am taking full advantage. Just like I wanted to take full advantage of the sunshine with my family. But now even though summer is not gone... Yet, fall is prickling around the corner. This is my favorite, that time where its still warm outside, but you just know chillier days, crisping leaves (and grass), and bright sunflowers are popping out everywhere.

So whats the next big thing? What late summer treat can we share and pamper you guys with. Well, that's why we looooooove FHF, they make it so easy to choose. The girls and I have been really playing around with some pedicure ideas, to make it even MORE special than the seasonal specialty's that we currently have to offer, but for now let me just tell you about the Sea Salt and Sunflower Renewal pedicure and body treatments!

Starting off with a soak, prep of the nails and skin of the feet, the lovely sugar coconut scrub helps refine and make your skin shine brightly! Then the powerful honey butter serum, rich in vitamin A and antioxidants is painted on to help repair your skin, and fight aging, and who doesn't love that! Hot towels then are added as a fan favorite special touch, finished with a fresh massage of the feet and legs with a soothing lotion to completely nourish your end of a season feet.

This seasonal treatment is best enjoyed if you are in the need of intense moisture from the passing summertime. Keep your feet smooth in those sandals before you cannot wear them anymore. Let us soak, exfoliate, treat, and massage the moisture right back in to those beautiful feet!

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