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Cleansers and Moisturizers


Green Tea Milk Wash

This creamy, gentle, PH-balanced daily cleanser removes makeup, dirt - even mascara and sunscreens - while leaving skin moisturized and soft. Developed to provide soothing comfort as you wash.Made with nourishing coconut milk and green tea extract loaded with polyphenols and soothing properties for delicate skin tissue. Plus sodium hyaluronate, a skin identical ingredient that helps to boost skin’s moisture content and prevent moisture loss as you wash.
*A cool, minty-fresh feel gives a refreshing finish. Sold in a 6 oz plastic bottle for easy travel.Suitable for all skin types. 

*97% natural ingredients 

*Vegan, Gluten, and Nut free


New Groove Hemp Wash

This gentle, foaming gel daily cleanser leaves skin instantly refreshed and soothed as it removes oil, makeup and dirt. Developed to provide a crisp cleanse, leaving clearly nourished matte skin. Made with soothing botanicals including FHF grown micro kale extract, and green tea extract.

FHF-grown Micro Kale is high in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, B6 and K, as well as phytonutrients – all of which work to help fight signs of aging and free radical damage, including helping brighten, smooth, firm and soothe skin.

This wash contains skin repairing fatty acids Omega 6 & 3, from the seed. Plus, there are hundreds of beneficial compounds in extract from the plant - most notably CBD, shown to reduce redness, breakouts, irritations, and free radical damage, which lessens signs of aging like wrinkles and dullness. Plus, it contains calming Bisabolol terpene, and antioxidant-rich quercetin flavonoid. All these compounds work synergistically to bring a calmed, more youthful appearance to skin. Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) extract contains polyphenols that are potent antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract has skin-soothing and antioxidant properties.

*Use twice daily on damp skin, with or without a cloth. Rinse with warm water.


Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer 

This intensely hydrating daily moisturizer combines the richness of botanical milks with a clinical peptide to help erase the appearance of lines as it deeply moisturizes skin. It feels firming, and within weeks the advanced peptide visibly reduces the appearance of deep wrinkle surface area by up to 45%
Three botanical milks help calm skin; coconut milk, with its high fat content is moisturizing and soothing, milk thistle contains silymarin, a powerhouse antioxidant that helps relieve dry skin itching, and milk vetch, a plant extract that purifies skin.

*This creamy and hydrating, with a shine-free finish moisturizer is for normal to dry skin. 
*It does not contain SPF, so be sure to apply SPF before going into the sun.

*95% natural ingredients 

*Vegan, Gluten, and Nut Free


Three Milk Ageless Sleep Cream

This wonder milk is uniquely rich and intensely hydrating, with a time-release delivery system of pure form retinol. Many retinol products cause redness and irritation. Not Three Milk Ageless Night Cream. The slow-release system ensures it delivers softness, illumination, firmness and more - without the side effects normally associated with pure form retinol.
The texture of this cream is so thick you’ll feel a noticeable protective barrier, allowing the retinol and peptides to work uninterrupted.
This cream includes all the botanical milks and skin-restoring peptides of the daily moisturizer, plus restorative retinol and a proprietary blend of vitamins, extracts, and moisture boosting ingredients that keep delivering a more youthful appearance all night and over time. 

*Suitable for all skin types to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin tone, and loss of firmness.

*93% natural ingredients 

*Vegan, Gluten, and Nut free


Kale Water

Weightless Moisturizer 

Ultra-lightweight refreshment for normal to oily skin! This oil-free daily moisturizer combines freshly harvested, nutrient-dense, FHF-grown kale extract with skin-replenishing retinoids and a clinical peptide to help erase the appearance of wrinkles. You’ll love the fast-mattifying, ‘round the clock hydration from omega fatty acid-rich squalane and sodium PCA.
This moisturizer feels instantly firming, and within weeks the advanced peptide visibly reduces the appearance of deep wrinkle surface area by up to 45% 
*It does not contain SPF, so be sure to apply SPF before going into the sun.

*Recommended for combination to oily skin types.

*98% natural ingredients 

*Vegan, Gluten, and Nut free


Watercress Hydration Cascade

This hyaluronic gelée moisturizer quenches dry skin, restoring beauty & suppleness with a time-release cascade of skin-firming 2% retinol and powerful anti-pollution peptides. Antioxidant-rich blue matcha, chlorophyll & FHF-grown watercress extract reduce the look of wrinkles.
The texture of this moisturizer is so light, it will melt on your skin. You will instantly love the beautiful glow, rejuvenated look, and the feel of your quenched complexion.

*Suitable for all skin types in need of deep hydration.

*97% natural ingredients 

*Vegan, Gluten, and Nut free


Watermelonaid Hemp Wrinkle-Out Silky Gelée Serum

Watermelon extract, full-spectrum Hi-Bio hemp oil with CBD, and top-performing natural active ingredients deliver some of your skins most transformative results yet! Using hyaluronic acid and a glycosphingolipid, wrinkles get an instant visual fill on first use, Then over the next few days, the natural active ingredients deliver an incredible smoothing effect for visible reduction in wrinkles in just 14 days. If you’re looking for a serum that makes the surface of your skin feel and look like silk, this is it! 

*Use day and/or night, alone or under a FarmHouse Fresh favorite moisturizer for wicked smooth skin. Each 1.7 oz. jar contains 170 mg of calming, complexion perfecting CBD.

*96% natural ingredients 

*Vegan, Nut free

*Not Gluten free (Contains barley)

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