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Welcome to Day Escape Salon and Spa


Services and prices

*Hair and Salon

Cut and Style (long hair)-$48.00
Cut and Style (short hair)-$38.00
Dry Cut-$22.00
Men's Cut-$22.00
Children's Cut-$16.00
Shampoo and Style-$20.00
Formal Style- 
Long- $55.00 Short- $35.00

Formal Style (Children under 10)-$45.00
On Location Formal Styling-(Call for more information)
Hair Extensions (Call for consultation)

Highlights/Lowlights (Full)-$120.00
Highlights/Lowlights (Partial)-$80.00
All over color (Long hair)-$75.00
All over color (Short Hair)-$60.00
Retouch w/ all over highlights-$140.00
Retouch new growth only-$65.00

Basic Permanent Wave-$70.00
Specialty Wave-$130.00
Add Cut to any Chemical Service-$20.00
Toner Add on-$20.00
Conditioning Add on-$15.00

*Hair Removal


Upper Lip or Chin-$10.00

Basic 3 (brows,lip,chin)-$35.00

Misc Facial Wax-$10.00


Chest or Stomach-$35.00

Full Back/Maintenance-$75.00/$55.00
Full Arm/Maintenance-$50.00/$35.00
Full Leg/Maintenance-$85.00/$65.00
Half Leg/Maintenance-$60.00/$40.00

Bikini plus+ -$35.00


Brazilian Maintenance-$45.00

*Tinting,Tanning& Steam

Eyebrow Tint-$15.00
Eyelash Tint-$25.00

HEX tanning-$5.00 per visit

Steam Shower-$25.00(30 minutes)


False Eyelash application-$25.00

Makeup Application-$65.00+

On Location (4+ people)-$65.00+(per person)

*Massage and Bodywork

(client Favorites)

30,60,90 Minute

Relaxing Massage-$55.00 $75.00 $110.00
Therapeutic Massage-$65.00 $85.00 $135.00
Couples Relaxing-$110.00 $150.00 $210.00
Couples Therapeutic-$125.00 $165.00

Relaxing Massage and Facial Combo- $110.00

Hot Stone Massage(60 minutes)-$110.00
Prenatal Massage(60 minutes)-$75.00


*Facials and Treatments

Refresher Facial-$65.00
(Wash, exfoliation , and mask. Followed with a light massage)
Seasonal Facial-$75.00(client favorite)
(Relaxing wash, exfoliation, and mask. Followed with a massage using seasonal FHF specialty product.)

Skin Perfecting Facial-$85.00
(Skin Analysis under woods lamp. Relaxing wash, steam, exfoliation, extractions, and mask. Followed with massage and skin boosting serums.)
    Love your eyes/Lips (add on)-$25.00/$15.00
Seasonal Back Facial-$80.00
(Same as the Seasonal, for the body.)
Skin Refining Body Polish-$60.00
(Body scrub applied to full body removed with hot towels, FHF body cream applied after.)
Seasonal Salt Glow Treatment-$80.00
(Body Scrub applied to the body and removed with hot towels. Seasonal FHF mask applied.  30 minute steam shower included followed with FHF body cream. )

*Hands and Feet

Manicure without Shellac-$25.00

Shellac Manicure-$35.00       (client favorite)       

Basic Manicure(no polish)-$15.00

Spa Manicure without Shellac-$40.00

Shellac Spa Manicure-$45.00

Gel Based soft tips-$45.00

Plexigel Nail Build-$65.00
Plexigel Nail Fill-$45.00

Kids Manicure- $15.00
Kids Pedicure- $20.00

Toes on the GO without polish-$35.00
Toes on the GO with polish-$40.00
(Nails trimmed, filed, cuticles cleaned, mini scrub or massage.)

Seasonal Pedicure-$60.00        (Client favorite)
(Nails trimmed, filed, cuticles cleaned. Feet buffed, scrubbed with massage and hot towels.)

Seasonal Deluxe Pedicure-$70.00
(Nails trimmed, filed, cuticles cleaned. Feet are treated with a callous peel, buffed and scrubbed. A foot mask, massage and hot towels.)

(FHF CBD products can be added for an additional price.)

Polish Change-$16.00

Shellac Removal-$15.00

Paraffin Dip w/massage-$15.00

*Spa Packages

Love The Day
Relaxing Massage/Refresher Facial Combo. Seasonal Pedicure-$155.00

The Seasonal Escape
Relaxing Massage/Seasonal Facial combo. Deluxe Seasonal Pedicure-$200.00

The Great Day Escape
Clients choice from 60minute Relaxing or Deep Tissue massage. Skin Perfecting Facial, Steam Shower, Shellac Manicure and a Seasonal Pedicure. Finish With a Blowout!-$300.00-$310.00

Hours of Operation

Monday: 11am-8pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 11am-7pm
Friday & Saturday: 9am-3:00pm
Wednesday & Sunday: CLOSED

(Hours can be susceptible to change based on appointment scheduling)

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**Prices can be subject to change**

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